Pay Per Download - How to earn money

Jun 21

Upload & Promote eBooks for huge profit!

eBooks are a GREAT way to earn money with FileBucks, especially if the eBook you are promoting tells the user how to do something QUICKLY. For example, these are the best types of eBooks that will do well:

(These are not real eBooks just examples)…

* Find out how I made $1,000 in just under 3 weeks!
* How to loose 5lbs per week and get thin!
* How to get a rock hard 6 pack in 2 weeks!
* How to add 5lbs of lean muscle per week!

These are all the types of things people go crazy for, the key is making it believable… You make your eBook believable and you will get crazy amounts of downloads. Of course someones going to take 30 seconds out of their life and fill in a survey if they think they’re going to find out how to make $1,000 in 3 weeks!

How to make it believable…

  1. Create a website, or a blog or something fully dedicated to your eBook.
  2. Add a really high price to the eBook, like $70 but strike it out and put “NOW AVAILABLE FREE TO DOWNLOAD HERE: *FileBucks link*”…
  3. Add a fake amount sold, for example write “32 sold, only 3 more free copies left!”
  4. Add fake comments saying how good the book is and pictures or testimonials of transformations since getting the eBook and using it.

Best place to start promoting your site is Youtube.

This is a foolproof method to earn LOTS of money through FileBucks.

Jun 20

Make money from your tumblr blog!

If you’ve got followers on tumblr it’s really easy to make money from your blog with FileBucks.

  1. Sign up to FileBucks.
  2. Log in and click “affiliate statistics”, copy your affiliate link.
  3. On your blog, make a post about FileBucks… Tell your followers how easy it is to earn and that you can make a lot of money. Tell them to first sign up @ FileBucks (but give them your affiliate link *important*) and then tell them to read this blog so that they can get tips on how to start earning.
  4. If you have a lot of followers, people will sign up and then read this blog and start earning. You will earn 10% of every members earnings you refer, so just imagine you send 100 people there and each is earning $200 a month.. That’s $2,000 dollars a month for you for doing nothing!

Easiest way to make money on tumblr!!

Earn money with Youtube & FileBucks

Youtube & FileBucks are a great money making combination. Youtube is a great way to send HUGE amounts of traffic to your files.

  1. Find popular videos on Youtube (put a few searches in & order by hits).
  2. Use a site like keepvid to download these videos and save them to your PC.
  3. Create a Youtube account & re-upload these videos into your account, start with about 10.
  4. Title each video appropriately and give them lots of good tags so people can find them easily.
  5. Add your download link in the description.

Extra tips:

  1. Add an annotation on the video stating something like ** LINK IN DESCRIPTION ** to make it obvious for viewers.
  2. Find popular videos on the SAME TOPIC as your download, it’s pointless getting off topic videos.
  3. Disable comments unless they are approved by you, only approve the positive ones delete all negative.
  4. Create a few more Youtube accounts and comment on your own video giving the download positive critism.
  5. Post your videos as video responses to other popular videos to get hits.
  6. Every week or so keep repeating and posting more videos on Youtube to get more and more hits.

Using this method you will easily be able to achieve earnings of over $200 per week.

Good luck earning!!

Jun 18

Get an affiliate army!

Easiest way to earn!!

This is by far the best & easiest way to earn money with FileBucks… What could possibly be easier than getting other people to make the money for you?

All you need do…

  1. Sign up to FileBucks
  2. Go into your account and click “Affiliate statistics”
  3. Copy your affiliate URL.
  4. Sign up to some forums talking about filesharing and create a little banner stating that you can upload & earn on FileBucks in nice bright colours so that it catches peoples eye.
  5. Link the banner to your referral link, so each time someone clicks it and signs up you get 10% of their earnings for good!
  6. Get 100 + people who earn well and you could be making enough to live on!!

Earn with Torrents!

Earning with torrents is a really easy method to get mega earnings!!

  1. Find a popular file on a torrent site.
  2. Download the file, and once you have it on your PC put it in a .zip archive with a password.
  3. Put the password in a .txt file and upload it to FileBucks.
  4. Copy the link to the password on FileBucks and paste it into another .txt file called “GET PASSWORD.txt” - In this text file instruct the user that to get the password they must visit this link and download the file.
  5. Create a folder, and in this folder put “GET PASSWORD.txt” and the password protected .zip archive, finally put this whole folder in a .zip archive with no password.
  6. Re-seed the .zip archive you have created. Now everytime somebody downloads the torrent they will have to download your password from FileBucks to access the file!!! $$$$$$

TIP: This method works best with larger files over 500MB! This is because if the file is only small they will just download it from another torrent source rather than spend time downloading the password from FileBucks!